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Seniors Guide Online provides access to retirement communities and home care agencies. Find senior living options including senior housing, Assisted Living, Alzheimer's Care, Retirement Homes, Independent Living, Skilled Nursing, Home Health Care and other senior services.

Compare Active Adult Retirement Communities, Home Health Care Services, and home care agencies. Find senior living options including Senior Housing, Assisted Living, Alzheimer's Care, Retirement Homes, Independent Living, Skilled Nursing, Home Health Care and additional senior services all on Seniors Guide Online.

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Home Care Helps Stave Off Family Caregiver Stress

Hiring a professional home care companion can help reduce the caregiver stress of a loved one. The following is an example of a situation where someone was brought in to assist the family with care. Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs are in their mid-80s and still live at home. They are in rather good health for their ages with the exception of her moderate dementia. They have been together for more than 60 years and raised a loving family; all of the kids live out of state. One day Mrs. Jacobs trips and falls, and breaks her hip. She successfully endures surgery and moves to a rehabilitation facility for healing. So what’s next? The children are concerned. Yes, their father is in relatively good health but can he handle the stress of caring for his wife? While it may not seem difficult, the strain can negatively impact the caring spouse’s health. So the Jacobs are a middle-income couple with traditional values. Mr. Jacobs wants to bring his wife home and be her caregiver. The son has the foresight to wonder about the options so that he can counsel his father. It is highly recommended in such a situation, that the family introduce themselves to the rehabilitation facility’s social worker or discharge planner upon their mother’s admittance. It’s important to know the process early to avoid having to make a snap decision. Typically Medicare covers a certain length of time in the facility based on the progress of the patient. The social worker will discuss the options, placement in a skilled nursing facility or returning home possibly with assistance. It all depends on the patient’s recovery. If […]

Downsizing & Transitioning Is A Family Matter

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce Statistics Administration, between 2010 and 2050, the U.S. population is projected to grow from 310 million to 439 million, an increase of 42 percent. The population is expected to become much older, with nearly one in five U.S. residents aged 65 and older in 2030. The question is who or what service providers are equipped to handle this growing segment of our population. Often, the expectations are that family members are obliged to care for their aging parents. This places significant burden on loved ones who may not be emotionally or financially prepared to take on that responsibility. Just being a family member of an aging relative does not qualify them to take on such a daunting task. Starting with the quality of life issues… what exactly does the aging parent require now and into the immediate future? Is this the time of life when some older citizens are ready for new adventures like more travel, hobbies, volunteering or spending time with family? Are they healthy and in good physical shape to undertake more activities and have the financial resources to do so. These seniors may be ready to downsize from their home of many years and move to smaller more manageable housing. Depending upon their health and financial capabilities, downsizing to a smaller independent residence such as a condo or townhome can be very liberating. These are seniors who are in good physical condition and are still able to care for all of their immediate needs. Others may require some degree of additional assistance and would likely seek out “independent” living facilities. Seniors who require routine attention […]

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