Nursing Care Communities

Nursing homes are facilities for seniors in need of 24-hour nursing care. They provide many of the same care options offered in other senior communities such as room and board, personal care, protection, supervision and other types of therapy. Typically nursing care falls into three levels of care:

  1. Basic Nursing Care is required to maintain a person’s activity of daily living.
  2. Skilled Nursing Care is for those seniors who require the services of a registered nurse for treatment and procedures.
  3. Sub-Acute Care requires comprehensive in-patient care for someone who has experienced an acute illness or injury.
Croasdaile Village

Croasdaile Village

St. Elizabeth Health Care Outpatient Wound Care Centers

Wound Care Center – St Elizabeth Healthcare

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Nursing Care Communities Are For You If …

You require the care of a skilled nursing community 24 hours a day. With the help of RNs, LPNs, and nurse practitioners, you’ll get all the attention that you need at a skilled nursing facility, or SNF.

Nursing Care Communities Checklist Of Things To Consider

  • Does the area seem clean and well maintained?
  • Does the atmosphere seem friendly and inviting?
  • Is the Residents Bill of Rights posted in the lobby?
  • Does the company run background checks on all the staff?

Cost Of Nursing Care Homes by City & State

Payment sources can include private pay, Medicare, or Medicaid. For a private room, the average cost range is between $6,000 and $8,000 per month. The average cost:

Fort Wayne

The median monthly cost for a Private Room in a Nursing Home in Fort Wayne as of 2015 is $8,038.

The median monthly cost for a Semi-Private Room in a Nursing Home in Fort Wayne as of 2015 is $6,632.


The median monthly cost for a Private Room in a Nursing Home in the Indianapolis area as of 2015 is $8,118.

The median monthly cost for a Semi-Private Room in a Nursing Home in the Indianapolis area as of 2015 is $6,235.

*According to the Cost of Long Term Care study by Genworth Financial

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