storageWhere do you keep information like your will, tax returns and investments? Chances are, they’re in a file or safe. These aren’t necessarily bad places, but they aren’t the most secure ones, either. Files can be stolen or lost, and even safes can be stolen or destroyed. Consider keeping permanent electronic copies of information in a strong, secure cloud service instead.

Businesses Have Trusted Cloud Technology for Years

Businesses have been using cloud services for years to electronically store information and keep backup copies. Cloud storage takes electronic files, like the ones on your computer, and transfers them through the Internet to super-secure electronic servers that hold large amounts of information. It saves them a lot on space and storage costs. They also know cloud services keep their records safe from hacking or accidental loss.

Businesses also like that cloud storage lets them access their records from virtually any Internet connection. Cloud storage lets users get their information through laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. Passwords can be changed as often as you want, and many services provide periodic reminders to change them for an additional security layer.

In recent years, cloud-based backup and security services like Mozy have focused on the individual market. While you may already scan important papers and back them up on your computer and external drive, these steps have limits, including equipment breakdown. And like many businesses, you may find that you need to access your information from other locations besides your home office. It isn’t just papers, either: you can store digital photos, for example, on a cloud service and download them to your smartphone to show others.

Lock up Your Information in the Air

What’s the difference between cloud storage facilities and your computer?

  • Cloud servers hold a lot more information and save your computer space.
  • They back up copies of all information they receive, so nothing is permanently lost.
  • They are constantly maintained and upgraded to avoid system breakdowns and malicious break-ins.
  • Their security is far better than anything on the market for individuals.

Best of all, you can get your information back to look over, update and send back at any time. All you need is an Internet connection on any device.

Cloud Storage is Better Than Ever

You’ve probably heard about credit card security breaches at big box stores, banks and other places you would think have the best security possible. To be fair, the biggest banks and stores are targeted by hackers, security expert Kevin Streff tells the online financial planning service LearnVest. “If you’re hacker,” he explains, “and you can go after a bank that has 1,000 customer records or a million records … where are you going to choose to invest your time?” It’s not going to be on an individual.

Streff also stresses the importance of password management. As he and just about every security expert says, change your passwords often. Don’t use the same one for different services. Password management tools like LastPass are helpful for this purpose.

It’s also important to remember that security is not a bank’s primary business. But cloud storage is all about security. These shops are where the most cutting-edge security work is developed, tested and put in place. Mozy, for example, has military-grade security, which means it has passed the strictest tests for online security. As one tech review site, TopTen notes, “Mozy keeps your data safe and secure.”

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