How secure is your home? At first glance you may think that your residence is a pretty safe place to live. But take a closer look, you may be surprised at how at-risk your home actually is.

Be Careful of What You Share on Social Media

Criminals are getting crafty with how they locate their next targets. In fact, criminals are even using social media to their advantage. While you may use social media to post pictures of your grandkids and to keep in touch with your family members, would-be criminals are crawling social media websites to find their next victims. Luckily, there are a handful of ways that you can keep your social media posts away from the eyes of criminals.

First, assess your social media privacy settings. These settings can help you control who can find you, contact you and see your posts on social media. Next, never accept a friend request from a stranger. And while social media websites may request personal information, it is your choice whether or not you want to share sensitive data like your birthday, home address or phone number. Do your best to share this type of information sparingly.

Install a Home Security System

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There is a way to make your home less attractive to a potential thief. According to a report conducted by researchers from the University of North Carolina, 60 percent of convicted burglars surveyed said that seeing a home security system influenced them to target another house.

Installing a home security system is a safe bet if you want to keep your home protected from criminals. Burglars are known to be so bold to enter through the front door. Consider placing at least one security camera at the front door. The thieves second favorite way to enter a home is through the back door, so place a camera in this location as well.

Rear-facing windows away from the view of the street are also a hot target, security experts recommend installing a camera in these places too. Today, security monitoring has never been easier. There are home wire-free security systems designed for the indoors and the outdoors that are easy to install and that can be controlled remotely, from wherever you are.

Maintain the Landscaping Around Your Home

Factors like landscaping and lighting are crucial to your home’s security. Overgrown landscaping or lack of lighting may actually make your home a target for burglars. Police officers from Tulane University have said that houses surrounded by large shrubs or hedges are an ideal target for thieves because they block visibility from the street as well as neighboring homes. It is recommended to trim your shrubs and hedges to three feet or shorter, as anything taller could provide a hiding place for burglars. Additionally, it is wise to have gravel covering the ground around your windows.

The crunch of footsteps on gravel could be enough for criminals to second-guess breaking in to your home. And, the addition of thorny bushes underneath the windows can potentially deter burglars, too. Take your home security a step farther by requesting a survey of your property from the local authorities. Most police stations will take a look at your property and pinpoint weaknesses if you ask.

With these tips in mind, you can make your home a safer place to enjoy life with your family without worry.

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