We are blessed to live In America. Few would dispute that. Most of us acquire all that we need and more during our lifetime. We use, we enjoy, and finally we have to dispense with many of the “accoutrements” that we have surrounded ourselves with as we yield to gravity. We get older and we need less. The kids don’t want our “stuff” so what do we do? Most of us STRESS. Time to put things in perspective. Do we really need to squeeze the last dollar out of every possession?

crowning touch

Can we grow a generous heart and give away, or sell for “less than we COULD get” those things we really no longer need? There is great joy to be had being a benefactor – simply giving away (even without a tax deduction) that which we no longer need.

Of course there are avenues of dispensation that will yield financial benefit. Selling on consignment or at auction will yield financial benefit which we may need to help with moving costs. Donating what will not readily sell will handle the rest of your concerns as long as you realize that in today’s world, some of your “treasures” have No value. Give it up. Console stereos, older TV’s, china cabinets, even china . . . .

The world turns. If you have lot’s of stuff, you have enjoyed their value over so many years. Amortize the supposed value over as many years as you have enjoyed those “things” and RELEASE. Therein lies the path to a relaxed state. Now move down the path and ENJOY what God has for YOU.

Linda Balentine is the Founder and CEO of Crowning Touch Senior Moving Services in Roanoke Virginia.  Learn more at www.CrowningTouchUSA.com or visit their consignment shop and auction gallery at 6704 Williamson Rd. Roanoke, Virginia or call (540) 982-5800.

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