haircutIt’s More Than Just a Haircut

We all know there are obvious physical reasons why a haircut would be good for someone (too long, looks messy, getting in your eyes, etc.)  However there are three benefits you cannot see.  These benefits happen under the surface and effect people on a deeper level, a heart level. You may be surprised to know how a simple haircut can enrich your loved one’s life!

Improved Self Esteem

The image we have of ourselves is everything.  You are the one who makes or breaks you.  This all comes down to having a positive or negative self-image.  Imagine you’re an older person who has watched themselves age over the years. You no longer have the youthful vigor you once saw when you looked in the mirror. Knowing and seeing this may make you feel bad about yourself, especially if you are someone who cannot take care of yourself physically anymore.

Imagine you see your reflection in the mirror as this older person and your face and hair have been let go, your hair is straggly, and you look unkempt.  By seeing this, your self-image takes a hit.  Now imagine what it would feel like to get cleaned up and have someone making sure you look nice.  Your self-esteem would naturally shoot up!  When we know we look good, we feel good!

Improved Self-Worth

Having someone take care of us in any way naturally boosts our self-worth.  When we are tended to, we are subconsciously being sent the message that we matter.  When we seek out care for ourselves by others we send ourselves that same message.  We are worthy of care.  We are definitely worthy.  Touch also plays a large roll in this interaction. Not many seniors receive a lot of human touch, especially touch that has the energy of caring.

Healthy touch is essential to human wellbeing and grooming has this component.  Think of primates; one way they establish bonds is by grooming one another.  This is one way they care for each other.

Human Connection & Interaction

There are many seniors who do not get to interact with a variety of people, if anyone at all, on a daily basis.  Receiving a haircut is a great opportunity for a much-needed engagement and conversation. Just having a short visit with someone different, who is taking the time to listen and show an interest in you can brighten your whole day.

Were you surprised to know that there is more than meets the eye? Home Health Haircuts is truly is more than just…. A haircut. Contact us to set up an appointment to show your loved one how much you care.  For more information visit


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