holiday listYour cabinets, closets and drawers are already jam-packed with ties, nice-smelling bath products and gadgets. Your collections are overflowing their shelves. And every surface in your house is covered with dust collectors. This year on your holiday list, put an end to the clutter—and save your family some shopping time in the process—with gifts that mean so much more!

It’s a date! How often do you get to spend one-on-one time with your grown kids anymore? There are always grandkids and spouses vying for their attention or responsibilities distracting them. Schedule a Saturday every other month to spend a few hours together, just the two of you.  It could be as simple as lunch or perhaps you make a whole afternoon of it, shopping, going to the movies or watching a football game.

Ask for a hand. Now that the house is decorated, you’re probably already dreading taking everything down after the New Year. As your gift this year, request a few hours from your grandkids to help dismantle everything, box it all up and cart it to the attic. While the kids are lending a hand, tell them stories about the Christmas ball their mom made when she was a little girl or the menorah that has been in your family for a century. And when the work’s all done, treat them to your famous homemade cocoa or some candy or fudge you’ve made.

Sometimes, you need more than a hand! A good pair of knees would come in handy when you’re putting those annuals in this spring, and it would be nice to have an able pair of arms and legs to help you push that mower around. With a strong back and endless energy, you could get those leaves up or that snow shoveled in a flash. The gift of a spry young helper for an afternoon each season will give you a break as well as time to bond with your kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews.

A gift with real meaning. Giving becomes so much more meaningful when it involves someone who really and truly needs it. Ask your family to make a donation to a special charity in your name. Not only will the gift have an impact on the organization, but the act itself may also affect the giver in an equally positive way!

Give back. Often your family won’t ask you to babysit, cook for them or help with other tasks because they think it’s a bother. What they may not know is it’s actually a real treat. Letting you do what you love for those you love is sometimes the best of all.

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