active adult retirement communitiesGet Out There and Enjoy Your Retirement!

You’ve probably always imagined your retirement as a time when you could do exactly what you wanted—golf, cook, play tennis, go to the spa, travel—without any responsibilities to tie you down. While you may not have reports to write or meetings to attend anymore, there are still the leaves to rake, the porch to paint and the endless other household chores on your to-do list.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the freedom you’ve always dreamed of? You can in an Active Adult Retirement Community. Called by various other names, such as “55+” or “62+” or “age-restricted,” these communities are basically like any other neighborhood or apartment complex you may already be living in. There’s no one to control your comings and goings and your space is completely your own. Where they differ is you have someone else taking care of the time-consuming upkeep on your yard and home exterior while you head to the golf course or out to dinner with friends.

You’ll also have plenty of options when it comes to these communities—rent or own, apartment or single-family home, along with a choice of floor plans. Plus, the variety of amenities at your fingertips, such as fitness centers, tennis courts, spas and restaurant-style dining, are great incentives to stay active and engaged—even on days you may not feel like it.

And let’s not forget the social element. Because you’re living side-by-side with people in your same stage of life, there’s plenty of opportunity—planned and spontaneous—to make some new friends. “They (residents) enjoy the company of their neighbors and opportunities to participate in a wide range of planned social activities, and scheduled transportation to shopping, restaurants and appointments,” says Eunice Trotter, spokesperson for American Senior Communities in Indiana.

While Active Adult Retirement Communities are intended for completely independent seniors, who can take care of their own cleaning, cooking, laundry, medications and personal care, some communities like American Senior Communities, which has a 24-hour response system, may offer a safety net in case of an emergency. “We definitely give adult children peace of mind because they know that we act as an extension of the family,” explains Trotter.

“They (adult children) know we are here for their parents,” Trotter adds. “They know we care about their parents.” That’s comfort and security for not only you, but also your whole family!



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