fashionHealthy aging is reliant on regular exercise to lower risk factors for high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and other chronic disease conditions. Exercise helps older adults protect cognitive abilities and avoid disability. Adults over 65 years of age should do moderate aerobic exercise at least two and a half hours a week, as well as muscle strengthening to increase flexibility and balance, according to CDC guidelines.

CDC statistics about older adults and exercise indicate that 38.5 percent of men and 31.1 percent of women between 65 and 74 exercise regularly. Although many fitness activities can be done without specialized equipment or clothing, the range of fitness activities available to seniors and people of all ages come with useful, fun, and attractive fitness apparel and accessories to improve workout results and help you look good during healthy exercise.


Active seniors who get their physical activity outside through walking, running, cycling or other exercises can protect their eyes and look good doing it with sunglasses. Popular sunglass brands like Oakley and Ray-Ban can be personally customized with colorful replacement lenses from Revant Optics in shades like Ice Blue, Fire Red, Midnight Sun and Emerald Green—so you can wear your favorite color or match your sunglasses to your outfit.

High Fashion

You’re not restricted to sweats and t-shirts for workouts. Look great with designer fitness apparel and accessories. Designers like Michael Kors, Stella McCartney, and Norma Kamali carry sharp fitness clothing for swimming, tennis, cycling and other activities, as well as high-fashion accessories like gym sacks and visors.

Fitness Tech

Tech helps active seniors track their stats, such as heart rate and fitness activity with devices that record fitness data and make it available on smartphones and websites. More than counting steps with a pedometer, fitness trackers monitor heart rate, temperature, perspiration, and even sleep. Fitness trackers range in what they do and how much they cost, but most of them are lightweight, easy to wear, and are compatible with fitness apps for easy access to the fitness and health data they generate. Smartphone applications like Apple’s Health app allow users to visualize their fitness data collected from apps and other sources in a one-stop dashboard.

Compression Fashion

Compression garments aren’t just for health conditions like varicose veins or lymphedema. They are increasingly used for fitness activities to improve blood flow, improve performance, and help recovery during and after exercise. Improved blood flow means more oxygen gets to the muscles during exercise, reducing fatigue and helping prevent injury. Compression helps support muscles and joints during exercise, providing protection against injury, reducing pain from cramping and speeding up lactic acid removal before it builds up.

Compression garments aren’t just for physical benefits though. They look great too, with a sleek technical look. Many brands have compression fashion, including Skins, Adidas and New Balance. Compression socks and sleeves are widely available at sporting goods outlets, in stores and online.

Performax compression garment designer Carrie Bartonek says additional benefits of compression garments include temperature stabilization from lightweight material that wicks away excess heat and moisture. She says most compression garments include SPF 50 sun protection. Bartonek says compression gear is evolving to decrease chafing and irritation.

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