Apartment Living: Low Maintenance, Convenience and Engagement

Looking for Apartments in The Triangle?  Don’t need all that space anymore? Tired of mowing the lawn and fixing the toilet? Can’t manage the stairs? Perhaps it’s time to downsize from that large home to a manageable ground-floor pied-à-terre (AKA apartment). What you lose in space, you’ll gain in free time!

Enjoy the lifestyle. While there are plenty of over-55 apartment complexes around, you can also choose a more mixed-age environment, where one of your neighbors could introduce you to yoga or you play “grandparent” to another’s kids.

apartments in the triangle
The Bridges at Southpoint in Durham, NC

And just because your place is smaller doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice any amenities. You may even gain a few extras like a fitness center, pool and tennis courts. Generally, there are also plenty of activities onsite to keep you active and engaged. For example, The Bridges at Southpoint in Durham entertains residents (20 percent are over 55) with BBQs, annual pool parties and parties to celebrate each holiday.

Budget-friendly. Whether you sell your house and are living off the equity or not, renting keeps your living expenses within your means. “The affordability of our communities makes them a great option for seniors who are on a fixed income,” says The Bridges at Southpoint’s property manager, Vail Brennan. You also save the expense of plumbers, electricians, landscapers and painters and all those weekend trips to the home improvement store. (Many complexes have 24-hour maintenance services.)

Be closer to your life. Perhaps your house was in the ‘burbs, 20 minutes away from your doctors and hairdresser, even a short drive from the grocery store. Apartment complexes, on the other hand, are generally in close proximity to many conveniences.

According to Dana Moseley, property manager at Woods Edge in Durham, where 25 percent of residents are over 50, “We have easy access to medical practices, banking, shopping and dining which makes Woods Edge a clear choice for seniors.” Most apartment complexes are also on bus lines. Heck, you may even be able to walk or bike to pick up a loaf of bread or a newspaper.

Take Fido and Fluffy. Don’t worry; you won’t have to find another home for your pets. Many apartments allow you to have a pet with a pet deposit and a little extra rent each month. Without a yard, you’ll probably need to walk your pooch, but the upside is you’ll be getting some exercise in the process!

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