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Q: Non-Medical Home Care – is it for you?

A: Do you want to stay in your own home comfortably and safely? Whether you call it non-medical home care, companion care or personal services, Seniors Helping Seniors® can help you.

Q: How can non-medical home care help me?

A: Maybe daily chores are wearing you down or you just can’t do them anymore. You want to stay living in your own home, but it is getting to be more than you can manage with cooking, cleaning, bathing and even pet care. Non-medical home care like Seniors Helping Seniors® is the answer. Seniors Helping Seniors® can provide help with all your daily chores. Light housekeeping and laundry, meal preparation, transportation, respite care, personal grooming and dressing, even dog walking are all examples of the type of assistance we provide.

Perhaps you are coming home after a hospital stay and need help for just a short time. Call us – we can help with all the above plus medication reminders, trips to doctor appointments, and mobility assistance.

Q: How do I get this help and what is involved?

A: With non-medical home care, you decide how much help you need. You may have a Seniors Helping Seniors® provider stop by just two times a week or you may need 24 hour care. It all depends on each individual situation.

Seniors Helping Seniors® will visit with you in your home and get to know you. As you tell us what your challenges are, we will work with you to determine how much help you want and need. We will match another senior with you who has similar interests and has experience with the challenges you face.

Seniors Helping Seniors® is licensed and bonded. Our senior providers go through thorough background checks, have their driving records reviewed, and health related check-ups.

Q: How is Seniors Helping Seniors® different?

A: Seniors Helping Seniors® is a very unique program which matches experienced caregiving seniors who want to help other seniors who need a little extra help. Because our providers are seniors, they understand just a little more about the unexpected twists and turns of life that seniors face.

When you have a senior from Seniors Helping Seniors® come into your home, you are helping them live the busy, caring life they desire and you get the help you need. You have both found a way “to give and to receive.”

Q:  Where are you located?

A: Seniors Helping Seniors® is ready to serve seniors in Indianapolis and Hamilton, Boone, Hendricks, Morgan, Johnson and Shelby counties. With 3 offices located around the metro area, you can call any of us and we will connect you with the SHS closest to you.

Q:  How can I help?

A: We are always looking for more loving, giving, caring people. If you want to help out, we’d like to talk with you. We offer a great deal of flexibility and opportunities close to you. Give us a call.

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