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Joshua Baxter, President and CEO of Here to There Senior Moving Services in Miamisburg, Ohio


Q: What do senior move managers do?

A: We handle the moving details so our senior customers and their families and friends do not have to. Moving is a stressful life event. It is even more stressful as we move into our senior years. The stress may be compounded by the loss of a loved one, or by concerns over illness, failing health or finances. The services we offer help to minimize the emotional and physical stress associated with moving and/or downsizing which allows the transition to go as smoothly as possible. We can make your move a less stressful, more enjoyable event; turning your transition frown upside down!


Q: What services do you offer?

A: We offer the following services:
• Packing/Unpacking • Downsizing • Storage
• Full Service Moving • Tag Sales/Auctions
• Home Arranging • Disposal • Home Sale Preparation


Q: What if I only want to hire someone to help me pack and unpack my belongings?

A: Our services are “a la carte.” You choose the services you desire. We charge a very fair hourly rate and you only pay for the services you want us to perform.


Q: Why should I hire a move manager to assist with my move as opposed to having friends and family members help me?

A: Hiring a move manager allows you to maintain your independence. You do not have to rely on your friends and family members to help you with your move. Hiring a move manager enables your friends and family members to be able to focus their time and energy on you and not your move. It also prevents any arguments over what you decide to keep, sell, give away or throw away. No one gets his/her feelings hurt. A move manager will not rush you. You are able to take all the time you need to go through your belongings and make difficult decisions. A move manager offers an unbiased, unemotional point of view and will even assist you in making your difficult decisions if you choose.


Q: What separates your company from a traditional moving company?

A: We, at Here to There Senior Moving Services, understand how stressful a move can be for our senior customers. Our professionals have years of experience working with seniors. They realize how difficult it is for seniors to go through their belongings and decide what they will do with them. Our professionals are compassionate and patient and realize the moving process will take a little longer. They are there to assist our senior customers in any way they can with compassion and the utmost respect.


Q: What is the most forgotten task when someone downsizes?

A: Finding a way to rid the home of leftovers. After the chosen items are moved to the new location. The disposal of leftover items takes a lot of time. We can assist with everything left. Donation or garage sale items can be turned into cash without wasting a bunch of time by letting us scoop them up and send them to the appropriate location. Often we can turn this into cash to help with moving expenses.


Joshua Baxter is President and CEO of Here to There Movers and has over 25 years of Auction and Moving Services experience.  Contact Here to There Movers at (317) 683-6683.

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