date night

Need a relaxing date night in? The following movies will provide you with ample entertainment and a little spark for romance:


“Wedding Crashers.” Summertime is the height of wedding season, and love is in the air. John and Jeremy, played by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, are on a mission to go to as many weddings as possible (to which they have not received invitations) in search of women. Their pursuit grows from a shallow scheme to an unexpected entanglement in love. Two darling actresses, Rachel McAdams and Isla Fischer, play the role of the sweet sirens that enrapture the two men. Hilarity ensues as the men are introduced to the women’s colorful family, with whom they spend a crazy weekend. The story is endearing and funny,  a warmhearted comedy that will keep the two of you laughing over the silly and sweet antics from beginning to end.

“Nobody Walks.” This independent American drama takes place in the Los Angeles home of a young, wealthy family. Twenty-three-year-old Martine, played by the dazzling Olivia Thirlby, moves into a family’s home for the summer to work on her art film. She connects with the father, Peter (John Krasinski), who is grappling with a mid-life crisis. As The Dig notes, Martine’s presence stirs up tension and forces the family to acknowledge the dormant issues that have been lying under the surface of their seemingly perfect life. It is a tale of a family’s awakening and realization that they must re-evaluate themselves and their roles in their family unit to sustain true happiness.


“Autumn in New York.” Romantic comedy veteran Richard Gere plays opposite Winona Ryder in this film about life and love. Gere is a successful restaurateur who is cynical about love until he meets a charming, intelligent, terminally ill woman. The film takes place in the romantic urban setting of New York City. The autumn season is a metaphoric motif of revelations about life and death as it plays the transitory phase that bridges the twitterpated abundance of summer to the cold, stagnancy that comes with winter.

“Rushmore.” Rushmore takes place in the beginning of the school year, a wonderful film that will take you back to your youth. Directed by the eccentric Wes Anderson, this film showcases the trials and tribulations of teenage Max Fischer. Fischer (Jason Schwartzman) is an intellectual elitist who builds an unlikely friendship with a wealthy industrialist (Bill Murray). Both men develop an infatuation with an elementary school teacher and compete for her love. Shot at Anderson’s alma mater in Texas, according to Mental Floss, the film is quirky and playful —  a true Wes Anderson gem that will warm your heart.


“Love Actually.” A modern classic, a holiday feel-good film, “Love Actually” is the perfect winter date movie. The film follows various storylines of blossoming love that occur over the holidays. The star-studded cast is one of the most notable aspects of this film, as it includes Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, Laura Linney, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Keira Knightley and Bill Nighy. It follows many characters from all walks of life and is a relatable film that you and your loved one will enjoy together.

“The Holiday.” This film follows two women who, desperate for change, decide to exchange houses for the holidays. Kate Winslet’s character travels from her quaint English cottage to a larger-than-life mansion in Los Angeles. She befriends her neighbors and embarks on a path or self-discovery. On the other end, Cameron Diaz’s character travels to England, so she may avoid and escape the headaches in her life. Her resistance to love is challenged by a widowed family man played by Jude Law.


“Le Week-End.” Spring is a season of re-awakening, which is exactly what Nick and Meg seek in their 30th wedding-anniversary Paris trip. With the hope of rekindling their romance, they take a trip to the City of Light, where they honeymooned. Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan have palpable chemistry on screen, where the viewer is allowed a look into their minted marriage and strong friendship. Dubbed “thoroughly and unassumingly British” by The New York Times, this movie will resonate with the long-married crowd.

“The One I Love.” Ethan (Mark Duplass) and Sophie (Elizabeth Moss) retreat to a secluded seaside escape to rekindle their love. They are re-awakened by a mystical occurrence they find within their vacation home, which forces them to re-evaluate their relationship. The moments Moss and Duplass share as a seasoned married couple are hilarious and endearing. “The One I Love” is a romantic comedy that will keep you on your toes through all the twists and turns.

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