cardiac connection

The Cardiac Connection is owned and operated by a group of nurses with over 100 years of critical care experience. For 16 years, these nurses watched the revolving door of patients who returned to the hospital soon after discharge due to an infection (at the incision site), failing to have the medications they needed, or for various other reasons.

With hospitals penalized by Medicare for these readmissions, not to mention the hardship for the patients themselves, the wheels started turning .  ” You know what, we can take care of these patients,” they thought.  “Even if we start with just one patient and prevent them from coming back.”

In December 2010, The Cardiac Connection, a home health agency that provides skilled nursing services, including management of chronic diseases, wound care, medication management and nutritional support, to keep patients from returning to the hospital was founded.

Staffed with RNs (all of whom have at least three years of hospital experience); physical, occupational and speech therapists; and home health aides. The Cardiac Connection differentiates itself from other home health agencies through their team nursing approach. Each patient is assigned two nurses, which means that they are always cared for by a nurse they know and who knows them. Not only does this team approach ensure continuity of care, but it also promotes a higher level of care.  “They (the nurses) know what the patient is like and when something is wrong they can pick up on subtle changes to report to the doctor,” says the CEO, Zainab Dumbuya.

That higher level of care definitely makes a difference. To date, The Cardiac Connection’s readmission rate (for the same problem as the original admission) is 0 percent, compared to a national average of 3 to 4 percent. Evidently it also makes a personal difference to the patients.  In Medicare surveys, 100 percent of their patients say they would refer The Cardiac Connection to their friends and family.

At The Cardiac Connection, they simply put the heart back into home health care.  A main part of their mission is to treat patients and their families as they would their own. They are committed to becoming the provider of choice in the communities they serve—One patient at a time.

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