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Richfield Retirement Community is located in Salem, VA and is an example of a CCRC

Choosing a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Think of a Continuing Care Retirement Community as a friendly village….or like a college campus for retirement living.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities, also referred to as “CCRCs”, are a progressive way to age without having to move too far away from home.

Most continuing care communities cover the entire spectrum of adult life – all the way from cottages for an independent lifestyle, to skilled nursing for around-the-clock care.

An independent lifestyle from a continuing care retirement community can allow the pleasures of home life, without the hassles of the maintenance that come with it.  Enjoy a beautiful lawn and landscape without having to spend weekends on its upkeep!  Leave that to the friendly maintenance staff of the village.

Should a resident, or even their spouse, begin to need more medical care as they age – help is down the street.  A continuing care campus has an Assisted Living area on-site.  Full out-patient or in-patient resources are available without having to relocate too far from friends and family.

“In the event a husband or wife’s health declines while living in a continuing care community and they begin to need more assistance, their spouse is still able to remain close” says Katharine Ross, an industry professional who has worked with senior housing for over 10 years.

With different levels of care offered on the retirement community’s campus, families have more options caring for loved ones during an aging crisis.

“Continuing Care is there and with you for as long as you need it” says Ross, “You’ll never be far from home again”.

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