vision boardAccording to the American Counseling Association’s blog, vision boards are highly effective because they help empower you to take control of your life, are excellent visual reminders and help change your thought processes. While they’re not magical, they can help focus your mind on a want or need and inspire you to take action. Vision boards are fun and easy to make and can be effective in helping you reach your goals. Make your dream cruise a reality by visually charting out your desires and take action to start planning.

Go Old-School

You don’t need much besides some old magazines, cruise brochures and poster board to make a vision board. Get your family involved by collecting images of what you want your cruise to look like. Scour images of the ocean, cruise decks and dining areas to help narrow down both the destination and cruise liner you want. Remember to think about the big picture and what you want to do on the cruise. That may mean dancing, going on a scuba diving excursion or taking in a Broadway-style show. The more you add to your board, the more you’ll envision it.

Use Shutterstock

Incorporate high-quality, vivid photos to bring your dream cruise to life. A site like Shutterstock provides inexpensive and even some weekly free options featuring exotic beaches and seaside towns. For a high-tech, digital dream board, weave in some videos of your idea of a perfect cruise and imagine you’re the one guiding the experience to ultimate relaxation.

You can also use images of money and abundance to inch closer to your savings goal. Pick a dollar amount that will cover your family’s airfare, transportation, cruise, incidentals, excursions and souvenirs. Download one of your Shutterstock images and then upload it to an app like Share As Image to add some text of that dollar amount to keep your savings goal in mind.

Start Pinning

Pinterest is a fun, visual way to create a digital dream board. Pin destinations you want to cruise to and see which one draws your interest the most to make a final decision. Remember to pin images that inspire you to save and work toward your goals. For example, if you need to earn extra money, pin photos of landscaping or pen and paper to focus on yard work or freelance writing as a means to save.

Get an App for That

“Chicken Soup for the Soul” co-author Jack Canfield helped usher in the mainstream popularity of vision boards. The Jack Canfield Success Vision Board allows you to create a fully customized vision board with your favorite images and affirmations. It has the added benefit of combining music and your voice recording to help your dream cruise come into fruition. Share the app with your family or cruise mates to help them focus on the same goals and so you can give each other the encouragement you need.

Take Action

Vision boards are just a tool to help focus on your goals and get a clearer picture of what you want. But without action your cruise dreams will fall flat. Spend some time each day focusing on your vision board and then jot down ideas, or pin new images, of taking action. Open a high-yield savings account with direct deposit from your paycheck for your cruise. Take a look at your bills and figure out what you can downgrade or get rid of all together like unused cable channels and large smartphone data plans. Then, book your cruise and throw all of your energy into making it happen without breaking the bank.

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