crossings at ironbridgeWhen it’s time for a loved one to move into a retirement living community, there are a lot of things to consider. Location, cost and care level are just a few of the many factors that families weigh. But the most important thing to consider is one simple question.

Will my family member be happy?

Several families have been able to answer that question with a “yes,” thanks to The Crossings at Ironbridge.

“We had been on a journey, trying to figure out what to do,” says Marie Lloyd, whose mother lives at The Crossings at Ironbridge. “My dad passed away four years ago, and my mom had been living with us. We were working long hours every day, and there wasn’t enough stimulation going on at our house for her. We knew something needed to be done.”

Lloyd says it didn’t take long to see that The Crossings was special. “I walked in, and it was very warm and welcoming,” she says. “During the couple days when we were moving my mom in, they knew she was coming and were prepared for her, even before she was supposed to be there. And once she did move in, they just integrated her into everything. They got her involved in the activities and meeting people. For me, it was comforting.”

Bob Tierney, whose mother also lives at the The Crossings at Ironbridge, agrees about the great first impression. “It’s a small, intimate community,” Tierney says. “It’s almost like a family extension. When I walk in the building, everybody knows my name.”

“I’m a living testimonial,” Tierney says. “We searched around and we did not get that same sense of family and intimacy at other places.

Mike Larkin chose The Crossings at Ironbridge for his mother, as well. He says it’s the people who make it so special. “It’s been a good fit,” Larkin says. “She likes the staff, from the ladies who do the cleaning, to the people in the dining room. The staff means a lot to her, and so does the extra care.”

crossings at ironbridgeAnd at The Crossings at Ironbridge, Larkin knows that his mother has no trouble staying active. “One of the nicest things is that my mother is able to walk 365 days a year on the interior of a building,” he says. “And instead of just going up and down a hallway, she can go in a circle. When the weather permits, she can go outside to the flower gardens or the vegetable garden and walk out there. It’s really nice; she enjoys the trees and the flowers. And then they have a courtyard with a water feature that’s very comforting and soothing.”

Mary Lou Pope’s family has also benefited from The Crossings at Ironbridge. “We are very thankful we found The Crossings at Ironbridge,” Pope says. “Never, in three years, have we been disappointed in our mom’s care. The entire staff is wonderful. In any situation that may arise, the nurses have a patient and caring attitude. Because of everyone’s dedication, we are at ease, knowing our mom is receiving excellent care.”

Not only is there great care provided by a caring staff, but Marie Lloys says the rewards have been deeper. “The best thing that it’s done for my mom is given her a purpose again, after my dad passed away. She has a purpose for getting up in the morning to participate, eat with certain people, or go on an outing. For me, that’s great. It has been very rewarding and exciting to see my mom that way again.”

So, the answer is, “Yes.” The Crossings at Ironbridge can make your family member happy. But that’s just the beginning.


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