Dementia Village Nursing Home architects in the Netherlands, USA

Residents of this new type of nursing home community all have one thing in common – they have severe forms of Dementia.

Dementia Village is set up just like any other small town; a local grocery store, unique homes for the residents, and medical care so they never have to leave the village.

All staff that work in Dementia Village are trained and educated to help the residents acclimate to a familiar environment to help with their care.

The memory care community explains it on their website as:

The Concept: Around the common and familiar building blocks lifestyles are built from a social approach. Look at day to day life and create conditions for the residents so that they are challenged by recognizable incentives to remain active in daily, precious life. In the nursing home groups residents with shared interests and backgrounds live together in a lifestyle-group. The design and decoration of the homes and surroundings is tailored to the lifestyles.

After 6 years of success in the Netherlands, it appears that the architects behind Dementia Village hope to expand this unique concept for Alzheimer’s-Dementia care to America.

Below is a CNN documentary with Dr. Sunjay Gupta.

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