A few weeks ago we posted about the best theme parks for seniors to visit in Orlando. In response, one reader asked us for tips on saving money to pay for the trip. Glad you asked!

Here are some easy strategies for putting away dollars to save for vacations … or for any costly goals you might be working toward.

Ditch the landline and the cable

Your phone, Internet and TV can cost you a fortune each month. The first—and most obvious—way to minimize that expense is to cut the landline cord. Certified Financial Planner Tom Love, who is a vice president at The Main Street Group in Richmond, Va., says that move alone can annually save you $120 to $240, but eliminating cable TV—and replacing it with an antenna and streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu—can also put anywhere from $500 to $3,000 back in your pocket each year. With Internet service, Love advises not to get locked into contracts so you can continually shop the best promotions and take advantage of them.

Pay annually

Instead of paying your insurance or other annual services monthly, you’ll see a savings when you pay for the whole year at once. While not a huge savings, small economies like these definitely add up over time.

Turn off, unplug

Even when your stove or TV is turned off or your cellphone charger is sitting idle, these electrical devices are still drawing power. While it takes a little more time, unplugging appliances and devices when you’re not using them will save dollars on your electric bill! You can also cut your heating and cooling bill(s) by closing vents in unused rooms, bleeding air pockets out of radiators, and using programmable thermostats to turn the AC or heat down at night or when you’re not at home.

Buy used 

It’s amazing how much money there is to be saved on sites such as Craigslist and eBay, especially for high-ticket items like tools, appliances, electronics and jewelry. On the flip side, using these online marketplaces to sell that watch, antique or TV you’re no longer using will bring in some “free money.” Buying and selling used items also means you’re saving something from the landfill.

Exploit your age

Senior discounts are the easiest way for you to save money, because all you have to do is own up to your age. But for the same reason, these discounts also can be the most difficult for some seniors to take advantage of. Think of these discounts as a reward for the years you’ve been on earth and accept them graciously, rather than begrudgingly.


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