Final Expense Insurance…..Do you have security for your loved ones?

Final expense insurance has become a major need with the economy changes.  What is Final Expense Insurance?  It is a type of insurance that covers burial and funeral expenses.

It is more affordable than a whole life policy and for some easier to obtain.  All Life insurance whether it’s whole, term or final expense has a medical underwriting section.  Final expense policies tend to be less evasive and most require no medical exams.

Do you want to leave your family with medical bills and funeral expenses?  When asking this question to most, the answer is always “No”.  Preparing for death is always a scary thing to talk about it, but leaving your loved ones the burden of these expenses is far worse.  It’s never too late to look at and discuss the benefits of how a Final Expense policy will not only give you, but your family and loved ones the security that is needed during such a difficult time.

final expense insuranceRhonda Overstreet is an insurance agent for Croft Senior Services in Bedford, Virginia.

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