For Howard Homes in Carmel, IN, Helping Seniors Is a Transition, Not a Transaction

howard homesWhether you’re moving to a retirement community or downsizing to a smaller house or to live with your children, selling your home and moving at this point in your life is so different from any move you’ve ever made before.

There’s, of course, the need to pare down all those possessions you’ve accumulated over the last 40 or 50 years, not just to make the move but also to get your house ready to sell. But there are also all the other confounding complications to consider, like how your retirement funds will be impacted and even how you’re going to get your stuff from point A to point B. Feel a headache coming on?!

“Just the comprehension of ‘where would I even start?’ is what usually keeps seniors from taking the first step,” says Todd Howard, president of Howard Homes, an agent of Keller Williams Realty operating out of Carmel, IN. Howard is a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES), which means he knows exactly what you’re going through when you put your house on the market and works to make the transition practically effortless for you. (Less than one percent of realtors have the SRES designation.)

Bringing 25 years of negotiating experience to the table, Howard helps protect the equity you’ve worked so hard to build. And when time is of the essence, his connections with investors can also help expedite the sale.

But Howard Homes doesn’t just sell your home. While working with seniors, Howard has also forged valuable relationships with a whole network of experts—from senior moving companies to elder law attorneys—who can support you through the entire process. Howard calls these experts “allies,” and without these allies at your disposal, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and maybe even taken advantage of.

Last, but certainly not least, Howard Homes wants you to be absolutely satisfied with your experience with us. If you’re not, you may cancel the listing agreement at any time (unless we are in a pended status).

This is an important chapter of your life. At Howard Homes, we want to help make it one of the happiest of your life.

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