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A Look at Friendship Independent Living

independent living communityIf you’ve ever visited an independent living community, then you know that the scene can look more like a vacation destination than a senior living option. But for many people, the fact that it falls under the category of “retirement community” is enough to turn them off to the idea. Well, the folks at Friendship Independent Living Community are out to change that. “Since, traditionally, independent living communities are connected to the broader spectrum of retirement communities, people have this idea that moving to independent living means they’re moving to a nursing home – which is couldn’t be further from the truth,” says Hollie Young, Director of Campus Admissions. “We are setting the new standard for senior living for those who are still maintaining successful careers and are active in the community. As long as you are 55 or older, you are welcome to live here. Although it’s considered a retirement community, calling us a retirement community is not fully accurate, as we are truly an active community with a healthy living focus.”

The lifestyle truly is all about living. “We are a community where someone can move in, and they don’t have to worry the upkeep and maintenance of a home,” Young says. “They don’t have to worry about their air conditioner lasting another year, or mowing the grass; all of the stresses are gone, and they are free to enjoy life as they see fit.”

According to Young, it just takes one look to start people on the track to their new understanding of independent living. “Once people come here, even to tour for the first time, those ideas in the back of their mind are quickly dispelled,” she says. “We have so many chances to take part in activities on and off campus that fuel the mind, body, and spirit.”

“We have groups that go to local music venues and wineries. We have bands that come to Friendship for not only the residents but the community as well. We screen free movies every Friday in our theatre and have social mixers several times a month where you can choose to relax over a glass of wine. All of these cool things that people, when they initially think about a retirement community, could never imagine. One of the hallmark traits of Friendship is our special events and guests. We strive to go above and beyond in terms of our unique offerings such as hosting celebrity events. These events have featured guests that included Jack Hannah, Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer and members from the show Dancing with the Stars.”

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The fun is showing no signs of slowing; Young says they’re continuing to ramp it up. “We added an outdoor amphitheater this past year, and this summer, we’re starting an outdoor summer concert series, which will be open to residents and the public. All of our proceeds will go to various charities.”

Friendship’s operations are built around meeting the needs and wants of their residents. “A recent report from a third-party market research firm identified our community as the strongest in the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas,” says Young. “We feel our success is attributed to not only the reinvestments to update our campus but also the on-site healthcare and other services that promote a healthy and active lifestyle.” These amenities include: land and aquatic wellness classes; a full restaurant and bar; home care services; beauty salon, transportation, and a wide range of medical services including, outpatient therapy and eye care clinics. But perhaps the most important feature of the community is the staff and their attitude toward providing the best for their residents. “We’re a very service-oriented company,” Young says. “All employees, from the top, down, has an open door policy. Everyone who lives here knows that they can come to us with a concern or an idea and they will be heard; all done to continuously improve our community.”

So, it seems the more people that pay a visit to Friendship, the more minds will be open to the idea of independent living. Great service, exclusive activities, and stress-free living. With these factors at the forefront, the people behind Friendship shouldn’t have too much convincing to do.

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