caregiverHave you ever met someone who just rubbed you the wrong way? Or met someone you instantly liked? That’s chemistry—relationship chemistry. Now, imagine not having the choice to decide which of those persons you’d like to be partnered with. That’s why the care receiver/caregiver matching process is important. Being partnered with the right caregiver can dramatically increase a client’s quality of life, and vice versa.

In-depth information gathering and interviewing of employees should be part of an agency’s hiring plan. With comprehensive information, the agency should be able to successfully match clients with caregivers. From the client’s point of view, this is the beginning of a relationship and should be approached with that mindset. The client, in a manner of speaking, should have the opportunity to be satisfied that she or he and the caregiver are compatible.

interviewing-home-caregiver-questionsA thorough agency won’t just send the first available caregiver out to a client. An agency that does it right will make sure that the client and caregiver are a good fit. Caregiving is very personal. Caregivers often help clients with intimate tasks in their homes and in their lives. Client and caregiver are together, often alone, for many hours on end. Getting a good fit includes ensuring that the two share a connection and are comfortable with each other. This cannot be overstressed. Well-matched clients are happier and more satisfied: they thrive.

Good chemistry between the client and caregiver is an often-overlooked piece in this puzzle, but it shouldn’t be. Clients should have the right to request or refuse specific caregivers. Ideally, an agency will ensure that there are multiple caregivers, including back-up caregivers, who are acceptable to any given client.

An agency should spend time getting to know a client’s needs, personality, and how their family works together. They should also make sure that the adjustment between the caregiver and the client is going well, and that the family and client are satisfied with the caregiver’s services.


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