The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that more people over 65 are working full-time than ever before. You’ve finally mastered your at-home PC, and can send emails, post Facebook statuses and create spreadsheets. But in today’s work environment, you can’t get by chained to your desktop. Explore the world of handheld devices, and you’ll prepare yourself for many more years of productive work.


This seems to be a technology made for seniors, as tablets are lightweight and can be modified a number of ways. With thousands of apps available, you can find apps that suit your work style.

Keep documents on a tablet for easy access. Create notes to remind yourself how to do specific tasks. Use GPS to find your way around.

If you find it challenging to use the touchscreen, apps are available to create large, easy-to-press buttons. Another option is software such as the Dragon Mobile Assistant that lets you control your tablet with your voice.

You’ll learn to use your tablet many ways to help you at work. An important use is to help you collect money from people for any jobs or services you provide. If you make and sell crafts at the local market, forget bulky, expensive POS terminals of the past. Process credit card payments from people using your tablet and a small attachable card reader. Intuit offers card readers you can try with no commitment. You may have even decided against taking credit and debit cards because of the fees and complexity. New tablet-based systems walk you through every step and make it easy for you. The more options you give customers to pay, the easier their decision is to purchase your products.


If you like the idea of a tablet, and find smartphones are too small to read or manage, look into a phablet. While they haven’t become as popular in the U.S. just yet, many are sold overseas. The major mobile technology retailers have their own version.

Phablets work with the same applications you’ll find for your tablet. When you want to make a phone call, simply plug in your earphones and you have a phone. Take time to learn how to use your phablet, and you will contribute to helping shrink the generation gap. According to the 2014 Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions report by Delioitte, the generation gap will slowly shrink and become negligible by 2020.

eBook Readers (eReader)

If you like the idea of a tablet, but want to start simple, consider an eReader. While the basic function of these devices is to read electronic books, many let you watch videos and search the Internet, too. The Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook are two of the most popular eReaders. Senior Resources and News has a helpful chart comparing various eReader models.

Use your eReader to download eBooks on topics related to business, finance, marketing or any type of work that you do. Brain games and crossword puzzles are available to pass the time and keep your brain sharp.

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