Living with Alzheimer’s Disease can be especially difficult during the Holidays.  Loving your family member brings the desire to help him or her enjoy the upcoming family times. Here are some things you can do to help make it as good as it can be.

Show pictures of people who will be visiting and talk about them. You could do this repeatedly as the days grow closer to the holiday events.

Play old favorite holiday tunes. Hearing the familiar tunes can help the memory to bring forward snippets of good times. Tunes touch the heart.

Perhaps you can prepare some favorite foods ahead and talk about them and the times we had fun making them over the years.

Helping to decorate a holiday table, making small table items, setting the table can set the mood.

Name Tags
People familiar to you may not be familiar anymore to someone with Alzheimer’s. Nametags can be decorative but also help an elderly person remember first names. The loss of someone’s name can be an embarrassing moment you can help your loved one avoid.

Quiet Area
When a household is filled with people, the effect can be overwhelming for someone with a memory loss. Instead of feeling encircled by loved ones, they may feel surrounded by strangers. Providing an alternate quiet space to take a brief time out may be useful. Have a familiar person keep him company in the room so there are no feelings of abandonment.

As you are focused on others, on guests, and on your family member with Alzheimer’s, please remember to take time out to care for yourself. No one can do everything, and it can become overwhelming easily. Plan ahead, set limits, ask others for help.

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Article Provided by Home Care Assistance in North Carolina

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