life insuranceHow Can Term Life Insurance Affect you?

When most people hear the words Term Life Insurance, they go “What’s that”.  Term Insurance is a lower cost life insurance policy purchased for a stated period of time.  It has no cash or loan value.

So many people are unaware of how owning a Term Insurance policy can lift a financial burden if one were to rise.  Let’s say a newly married couple has just bought their first home.  They have started a family and have a nice long future to look forward too.  Then the husband is in an accident and passes and the wife is left to pay all the monthly bills.

Because they had a Term insurance policy, purchased when buying their house for a 30 year term, she is able to keep her home and pay off mortgage with the death benefit from the policy.

Think about what a financial hard ship it would have been for her, possibly even selling that home to make ends meet for her family.  Let’s look at a father who is sending his daughter to college.  He purchases a 10 year term to cover her expenses to be able to finish college if something were to happen to him in this period.  Now, maybe Term Insurance is not right for everyone, but it is worth taking a look into a way to protect your loved ones at a lower cost and for a specific need.

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