independent living community in columbusYou’re healthy enough to live alone, but do you want someone else to take care of the yardwork and the repairs?  Do you enjoy living close to people your own age and having access to programs and outings to keep you active and engaged? Do you—and your kids—want the peace of mind that you can quickly get medical help if you need it? Then an Independent Living Community in Columbus may be right for you.

Independent living communities give you all of these things and more. Offering everything from studio apartments to garden homes, these communities are often also a part of a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) so you can seamlessly transition to a higher level of care when you need it.

Ditch the hedge clippers and paintbrushes

You’ve probably been taking care of a home for decades. Wouldn’t you like to finally hand over those responsibilities to someone else? Like at most independent living communities, Scioto Community in Columbus, Ohio takes care of your yardwork, snow and leaf removal, and exterior and interior maintenance. That means no more gutter cleaning or fixing leaky faucets!

It’s your time to enjoy yourself

Now that you’re not pruning, painting or plunging anymore, you have plenty of time to do all those things you just didn’t have time to before. Kensington Place, an independent living community in Columbus, gathers residents together for movie nights, wine tastings, antique auto shows, bridge club, exercise and yoga sessions, even trips to the theater. At these planned activities and outings, not only does everyone have fun but many long-lasting friendships are also forged.

Because you deserve it

Not only do independent living communities surround you with support and social opportunities, but they also surround you with amenities. At Stone Oak Retirement Community in Hilliard, Ohio, there’s a stadium seating theater and pool tables, plus a library, banking services, pharmacy and salon/barber shop just steps away (some amenities at these communities come at a premium). Independent living communities may also include meals. According to Middleton Senior Living in Granville, “We celebrate special holidays with our residents and their families, providing outstanding in-house prepared dinners as well as summer cookouts.”

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