Life Lessons: If You Only Knew Then What You Know Now…

You’ve heard the phrase “wise beyond their years.” Young people aren’t often considered wise because it takes years of living, making mistakes, and figuring out what works and what doesn’t to gain even a modicum of wisdom.

While we’re not advocating living your life in the rear view mirror, Seniors Guide Online asked a group of seniors about some of the wisdom and life lessons they’ve gained over the years that they would’ve benefitted from in their younger days. Here’s what they told us:

“I wish I had known that I could have quit my boring desk job and make a living at a job I’m passionate about.”

—Shirley, 73 (She’s now operating a very successful in-home dog-sitting business!)

“I would eat far less fast food, try to be more patient and tell certain folks in my life that I loved them more often.”

—Tom, 66

“Be patient, life will go on at its own pace and you cannot hurry or delay events!”

–Claire, 70

“I wish I had known that a passion for what you are doing is the most important thing.”

—Don, 55 (He’s in IT but would rather be running a yoga studio.)

“I would live more in the moment rather than deferring to the future when I had more time or money.”

—Bob, 57

“Never pick up that first cigarette!!!!!”

—Pat, 75 (She smoked for 20 years, which wreaked havoc on her lungs.)

“I wish I had gotten involved in an exercise routine that became part of my daily life.”

—Linda, 69


Tell us what life lessons you know now that you wish you’d known then!


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