friendsAre you in your fifties or older and in need of new friends? Sometimes we move for jobs or family situations, and there we are, beginning in a new city or state. Did you relocate? What do you do first?

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Having a Strong Social Network Improves Overall Health

Online Networks
There are social networks to use to keep in touch with long-time friends and family members wherever they are. These connections are important. Enjoy them. But since you can’t live life exclusively on a phone, tablet or computer, balancing with local friendships is important.

Join a Book or Hobby Club
Try looking at to find clubs or groups in your area based on any sport, hobby or interest you have. Thousands of great groups have already been started in your new area. Try out a few. Join one or two and go to a first meeting. You may find that it fits like a glove. If not, try a few more. This can be the start of a whole new world of enjoyable friendship.

Religious Networks
Most religious faith-based groups have social activities for their membership. You can reach out through these to find others of same age or interests. You can also reach out there to volunteer to assist others that are younger or older and find friendship in that path.

Both pubic and non-profit organizations need the support of volunteers. When you serve as a volunteer, you do have the opportunity and satisfaction of making good use of your time to serve others. You can also meet others who care deeply about the same goals. There is an organization called that lists volunteer opportunities.

Add a Pet to Your Life
If you want a loyal companion around the clock, a cat or dog may just bring that light to your life. A house pet can ease the transition of moving to your new environment. Walking a dog provides the opportunity to meet other dog owners in your area and enjoy sharing that common interest.
Change is often very hard for people. Ending a chapter in your life and beginning a new one can be difficult or lonely. Add friendship. There are always new opportunities to connect with people instead of sitting at home alone. Find a new group. Take up a new hobby. Serve others who are lonely or in need. This new beginning can be better than you ever thought possible.

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