Rachel Whittington suffers from drop foot (also known as foot drop), which is a weakness causing trouble lifting the ankle and toes. This condition often makes patients trip and fall frequently. And at 84, Rachel couldn’t risk a fall.

drop footRachel had gone to other providers for her drop foot, but the ankle braces they made for her were bulky and uncomfortable. As a result, these orthotics ended up in the back of her closet.

That’s when her family convinced Rachel to give LimBionics a try. LimBionics’ brace is much slimmer than her earlier braces and much lighter in weight, which encourages Rachel to wear it. And when she has the brace on, it effectively lifts her toes, which means she doesn’t stub her toe anymore and there’s less risk of a fall!

While Rachel is thrilled with her new brace, she appreciates the care and attention she receives and the bond she and Brittany have formed even more. Says Rachel, “She’s more like a friend than anything which makes me feel comfortable.”

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The Patient’s Experience is Paramount at LimBionics

limbionicsBrittany Stresing, owner of LimBionics of Durham, wants to design and fabricate the best prostheses and orthotic devices for her patients. But for her, ranking right up there with the quality of her products is the quality of her patients’ experience. She wants them to be comfortable, know their options and understand their care.

That’s because Brittany has been there. As a teenager with scoliosis, one leg longer than the other, and a form of spina bifida, Brittany had some good health care providers and some bad ones. “I remember distinctly after seeing some of the bad ones that I would never want anyone else to be treated that way,” she explains.

Part of what differentiates LimBionics in the industry is the time Brittany spends with each patient. She explains the treatment plan to them, the design of the prosthesis or orthotic brace, why it’s beneficial and how it works. She also makes sure the patient is comfortable with wearing it.

“Seeing people improve their quality of life and being able to be a part of that is what drives me,” says this passionate health care provider. “I get excited to see people strive for improvement and achieve it.”

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