pumpkin pie

Love the Fall Season?  Want to make your household smell of Pumpkin flavored Fall cheer?  Below are 3 easy steps that will decorate your home, apartment, or office, while creating that seasonal smell to welcome in September, October and November.

Pumpkin Pie Potpourri Instructions

Use a pumpkin incense burner to suggest the cozy scent of pie just out of the oven in just 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Cut off the pumpkin’s top and scrape out the innards; carve round vents with an apple corer.

Step 2

Rub cinnamon or pumpkin-pie spices onto the lid, or push cloves into it.

Step 3

With a lighted tealight candle inside, the pumpkin will give off a lovely fragrance for about six hours.

pumpkin pie

(courtesy of Martha Stewart Living)

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