Memory Care Facilities in the Columbus Area

The Safest Home for Your Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s and Other Types of Dementia

Memory Care Facilities in the Columbus AreaIt can be challenging—on both a time and emotional level—to care for someone with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Not only will your loved one have difficulty remembering names and events, but their communication, thought processes and ability to care for themselves can also be compromised. And often dramatic changes in personality and behavior can occur, making a once easy-going husband hostile or a typically happy-go-luck friend depressed.

Although you want to be able to care for your husband or wife, sister or friend at home, a facility that specializes in memory care is generally the best—and safest—place for someone living with dementia. Here’s what memory care facilities can offer your loved one:

Customized Care

All of these facilities provide care that is not only round-the-clock but also customized to each resident’s individual needs and lifestyle. Operating out of actual homes in residential neighborhoods, Health Care Concierge in Powell takes the time to learn all the small, yet important, details about your loved one, like the names of their children and grandchildren, their favorite foods and even the hobbies they’ve enjoyed to make them feel more at home. At Danbury Senior Living in Columbus, staff work to create a “comfortable and familiar surroundings and to eliminate unsettling stimuli.”


Those needing memory care often don’t even know they need help, much less be capable of figuring out how to get that help. That’s why your loved one either needs a staff member watching over them at all times or an intuitive electronic system in place in their room or apartment. At The Inn at Winchester Trail in Winchester, opening this month, the Vigil Dementia System has passive sensors to monitor and alert caregivers of residents’ unexpected behavior like remaining in the bathroom longer than normal or actually leaving the room.

Social Activities

Remaining active and engaged can not only give those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia enjoyment but it can also encourage a feeling of belonging and help reduce anxiety and depression. Most memory care facilities offer a variety of programs for just this purpose. Danbury Senior Living offers “daily enrichment activities, social events and recreation” and Health Care Concierge provides “personalized and group activities and exercise.” Just as The Inn at Winchester explains on its website, all of these activities are “designed to enhance their [residents’] independence and quality of life.”


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