Interior decorating is all about the newest trends. The current ones: green, eco-conscious, handcrafted and sustainable. Modern home decor incorporates nature, considers the environment and utilizes natural and raw materials. For inspiration, get outside and get your hands dirty. Here are tips to creating natural and handcrafted designs for your eco-home.

Seasonal Flowers & Plants

If you’re looking for seasonal decor, eco-friendly or organic flowers are perfect because they grace your home for a few weeks and then you get to choose new colors that accompany the current season, holiday or even your mood.

Succulents, which are low maintenance and drought-friendly, look great hanging from terrariums or in planters both in and outside your home. Keep an eye out at thrift stores or vintage shops for neat vases, planters and containers such as kettles, pitchers or cups to store your flowers and shrubbery. Not only are these great natural decor, they purify your air, are great for your mental health, improve concentration, generate happiness and even accelerate the healing process

All Your Senses

Home decor isn’t solely visual. By incorporating smell, touch and sound you create an all-encompassing ambiance that fully embodies you. Aromatic herbs from your garden, such as lavender, sage and rosemary, placed throughout your home bring a subtle hint of nature while masking odors in your bathroom, garage or kitchen.

DIY potpourri is as easy as combining dried flowers, essential oils, herbs, spices and any other favorites. Arrange the potpourri in mason jars and use them as centerpieces, or in satchels that hang in your closets and permeate throughout your wardrobe.

The natural world consists of a variety of textures that are intricate, beautiful and soothing. Taking inspiration from these textures might lead to honeycomb-shaped shelves or hand-carved wood benches and stools.

Forest & Beachcombing

If you spend a lot of time outdoors scavenging local beaches and forests for shells, rocks, feathers and other natural objects, display your treasures throughout your home. Fill large glass vases with shells, sea glass and rocks. Check out these at Pottery Barn for inspiration. Or place them in a large glass bowl that holds a candle.

Arrange a bouquet of feathers, twigs, branches and dried shrubbery for your coffee table or dining room table. Super glue pebbles to canvas or cardboard backgrounds creating basic shapes like flowers, the sun or your initials. Press flowers or leaves and place them into picture frames arranged on your walls or for your night stand.


When you upcycle, you’re taking something that would otherwise be discarded and creating something with greater value to be used for a different purpose. Upcycling is thrifty, trendy and environmentally friendly.

Upcycle old board game pieces into a mosaic or domino pieces into a unique wall clock. Cut out a deep square from the inside of an old book and create a mini planter for succulents or herbs. Take an old rake from your garage, cut off the handle and hang it from your kitchen wall for wine and margarita glasses. The possibilities are endless! All it takes is some creativity and inspiration (or Pinterest).

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