getting-drivers-licenseAh, retirement! You now have the freedom to explore, relax, pick up old hobbies and find new ones. Often in retirement, you want to get away from the fast paced life and to where life is quiet. If you have moved to a new area you will need to get acquainted with your surroundings. Take full advantage of your retirement and learn about your new environment.


Take the bus: Unless you are moving to a town with a population of 30, there is probably public transportation at your disposal. Take the bus around town to figure out where everything is. Get off at interesting spots. Take a picnic and stop off at the local park, riverwalk or pedestrian friendly area.

Go for a walk: Your legs are still the best way to get around! Walk around your neighborhood and get to know the people that live near you. Find out if there are hiking trails in the area for a scenic adventure. If you have a dog, take him out with you.

Go for a drive: Using your own car is an easy way to explore. You don’t have the extra stops you would have on a bus and can get to your desired destination faster. If you have lived in the city our whole life, you might not have a drivers license. But retirement is the perfect time to get one. In retirement, you have the free time you need to get your license and having it will allow you to get around with ease.


You don’t need to be embarrassed about not having a license in adulthood. A lot of people who come from major cities never get them. If you have many public transportation options and crowded streets that are difficult to navigate, why would you get your license? But getting your license will give you something to do, a goal to accomplish and the tools to let your retirement thrive.

Talk to your family: If you have family nearby, they can help you with driving instruction. Whether they are driving with you or teaching the rules of the road, assistance from the people in your life is a free, easy way to learn.

Go to your local DMV: The DMV will have the handbook you need to for your state. Stopping in shouldn’t take long and will give you the information you need. You can also sign up for classes through your DMV to give you hands on practice when you are ready.

Go to driving school: Most cities and towns have their own companies and schools that offer driving classes. These are a great way to get the experience you need behind the wheel.

Take online tests: Knowing the rules of the road is very important. After you have your handbook, take a class and practice driving, you need to make sure you know the rules. When you go for your license, you will need to take a written and practical exam. Online driving tests are a great resource for upcoming drivers and current drivers alike, and will help give you the knowledge you need to pass your written exams. Online practice will help you gauge where you are with knowing the rules of the road. You will also get an idea for what is on the test and the kinds of questions you will need to answer.

It’s never too late

No matter how old you are or where you are in life, you can always get your drivers license. Take control of your retirement and explore the world around you. There are tools you can use to get the information, knowledge and experience to get you that license. Enjoy your retirement and enjoy your independence.

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