While researching the latest in technology targeted to older adults and seniors, we’ve found some new devices and applications that will be talked about and used in 2015.

Laurie M. Orlov is the founder of Aging in Place Technology Watch, a market research firm that provides information about the newest technologies for boomers and seniors. Below are a few of the high-tech gadgets and gizmos she’s recommended over the past six months.


By detecting the switching on and off of your appliances, these simple sensors give your family members peace of mind that you’re OK—whether it’s to assure them that you’ve turned off the curling iron or you’ve turned on the coffee maker and are up and about in the morning. Evermind will also alert those who are watching out for you when any appliance—such as a lamp or a TV—has been left on for an extended period of time and potentially signaling danger.

Learn more at Evermind.com.


This 7” tablet computer is for seniors intimidated by surfing the Internet because of viruses, hackers or just stumbling upon objectionable material. Customized with only the content that seniors need and want, the easy-to-use grandPad lets you play games, send spam-free email by speaking your message, and voice or video call friends and family simply by clicking on their picture. It requires no passwords, is safe from viruses and telemarketers, and has a long battery life with an easy charging cradle.

Learn more at GrandPad.net.


Are your kids worried about your living alone, but you’re not ready to move? SafeinHome uses discreet wireless sensors in your home (no cameras or recorders to invade your privacy) to monitor your general activity, such as how long you stay in a room, when you leave the house and if you’ve touched your medications. Then it sends this real-time data over its built-in cellular network to your family member’s smartphone or tablet. That means your loved ones don’t have to call and check in with you every minute … and you can stay put!

Learn more at Safeinhome.com.

technologyKodak Pulse Digital Frame

You feel left out of all the pictures your kids and grandkids are talking about because you’re not on Facebook or aren’t very good at downloading pictures from your email. With this digital frame, your family and friends can quickly and easily share their photos. They simply email the shot of little Johnny at Disney World from their computer or phone and it will pop up on your screen in minutes. You don’t have to do a thing! All you need is Wi-Fi.

Learn more at KodakPulse.com.


technologyPhilips Activa MP3 Player

(Available in April 2015) 

Do you need a little motivation when you’re working out? This MP3 player selects music to fit the pace of your workout and also provides vocal feedback, telling you the calories you’ve burned or the distance you’ve covered and encouraging you along the way. At the end of your workout, you get your results and the sense of accomplishment that comes with them.

Learn more at usa.philips.com.

For more information, visit Aging in Place Technology Watch online.

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