Seniors recreate classic movie moments

A Nursing Home in Germany recently did a professional photo shoot with residents, ranging in age from 75-98, recreating classic film moments.  The residents paid tribute to films including Titanic, Rocky, James Bond, Blues Brothers, Mary Poppins, and more.  The community shot the photos for an upcoming calendar that starred residents in some of their favorite movie roles.

Residents spoke to a German Newspaper and called the photo shoot “tremendously fun” and exciting”.  For more information about the retirement community and their photos, read more from UK’s The Daily Mail.

 Here are the photos from the shoot:


seniors recreate titanic

Easy Rider

seniors recreate easy rider


seniors recreate cabaret

7 Year Itch

Blues Brothers

seniors recreate blues brothers

Mary Poppins

seniors recreate mary poppins


seniors recreate rocky

Saturday Night Fever


seniors recreate saturday night fever

James Bond

senior recreates james bond

Breakfast at Tiffany’s


seniors recreate breakfast at tiffanys

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