older fashion model runwaySociety has a tendency to make older women feel like their age is a negative thing and that they should tone things down, making them feel like they are expected to just quietly fade. This is, of course, far from true, and negatively impacts a woman’s mental health.

In a time of growing female empowerment, all women should feel free to express themselves, to explore what makes them happy and vibrant. And there’s a major movement proving how well older fashion models and women can and should do just that.

Older Fashion Models Prove Women Can and Should Dress However They Want

Women in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s are making a splash online with fashion and even becoming fashion models. 2017 boasted the highest number of fashion models over 50 walking the runway, a total of 21 women. Buzzfeed’s running a piece on “absolutely beautiful” fashion models who are older women. And here’s another excellent example from RTÉ.

There are many older women on Instagram rocking the youth-dominated social media platform.

Some of these women become fashion models later in life, others have been in fashion since they were young. You might could bust into modeling at any age if you want to, or might just want to entertain yourself, the people you encounter in your regular life, and maybe people online with your style. The main point is that older women can do whatever they want to with their clothes, hair, makeup, and lives.

Older women have as much business expressing themselves and having fun as any other women.  In fact, as you get to know yourself better and feel less desire to conform all the time, you can probably enjoy the exploration and sense of expression even more. It’s about more than fashion; it’s about claiming the opportunity to do what makes you happy, live your dreams, or add a bit of pizzazz to your day.

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