safe returnAlzheimer’s Safe Return IDs: Tips to Encourage Their Use

• Give the ID jewelry as a gift

• Ask the doctor to present the ID jewelry

• Present the ID jewelry at different times of day on different days

• Present the ID necklace as military dog tags

• Place the ID bracelet on the dominant hand, and dab some heavy-duty glue on the clasp

• Place the ID jewelry next to current jewelry

• Order the ID necklace as an alternative to the ID bracelet

• Order matching caregiver ID jewelry

• If allergic to stainless steel, have the Safe Return ID number and 800-number engraved on a favorite piece of jewelry

• Consider using the clothing labels, wallet card and key chain

Six in 10 people with Alzheimer’s will wander. It can occur at any time, so make sure that ID jewelry is worn at all times, not only when going outdoors.

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Call Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return to 1.888.572.8566

Report a wandering incident to 1.800.572.1122

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