senior discount

One morning, when I was in my 40s, I took my car in for an oil change. While I waited for the work to be done, I headed to the Hardees next door for a biscuit. The young man behind the counter asked me if I wanted to use my senior discount. At the time, I was not only humiliated but also adamant that, even if I were a senior, I probably wouldn’t admit it for a measly 10% off. But now that I’m approaching the age when I can claim those discounts, I say, “Bring ’em on!” Age really does give you wisdom!

Where you can save

Fast food restaurants certainly aren’t the only places you can get a few cents or dollars off your purchases. The discounts are practically everywhere! You can get better prices at grocery stores, retailers, banks, movie theaters and museums, as well as from airlines, cruise lines and even cell phone providers.

Age matters

The qualifying age for this discounts varies from 50 to 65, and in some cases, your age can even affect the amount of discount you receive. To qualify, you may simply have to show identification, but some establishments ask that you sign up for a “senior card” showing your eligibility.

How you find the discounts

Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have a sign that says, “Seniors get 10% off!” You can find comprehensive lists of businesses offering senior discounts on websites like or Organizations like AARP, The Seniors Coalition or the American Seniors Association also give you access to savings. And if you’re out and about, apps like Senior Discount Buddy, Sciddy and Senior Discounts help you quickly and easily scout out the discounts near you.

Pretty please

Even if you look your age, a business generally won’t automatically offer you a discount. So speak up … you could be leaving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year on the table if you don’t ask for it!


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