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When you don’t need four bedrooms and definitely don’t want the hassle of cleaning the gutters anymore, maybe it’s time you thought about moving from your house to an apartment, or senior friendly apartments. Not only will you save money as well as time, but you’ll also have plenty of new opportunities waiting for you!

The price is right. If you’re on a fixed income, renting a one- or two-bedroom apartment can keep your expenses within your means. And because many complexes have 24-hour maintenance services, you won’t waste your weekends pushing a mower or your money on repairmen.

Stay as busy as you like. Choose between over-55 apartment complexes, if you prefer to live among your peers, or a more mixed-age environment, where you could experience new things like Twitter, yoga and hiking. Despite the fact that your living space will be smaller, you could gain amenities like a fitness center, pool and tennis courts and plenty of onsite activities to keep you engaged.

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Convenience-central. A house in the suburbs can often be 20 minutes away from everything—your doctors, your hairdresser, malls and even a short drive from the grocery store; however, apartment complexes are generally in close proximity to everywhere you need to be. You may even be able to walk or bike to pick up a loaf of bread or a newspaper. And if what you need isn’t close by, most apartment complexes are on bus lines so it’s easy getting there.

Bring the whole (furry) family. If you have pets, most apartments will allow you to bring him or her along by simply paying a pet deposit and a little extra rent each month. Without a yard, you’ll probably need to walk your pooch, but that means you’ll also be getting some exercise in the process!


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