Computer video chat program is helping seniors combat loneliness at a Chicago retirement community by interacting with children in Brazil, and helping them learn the English language.

From the video below, we can see just how well the new foreign language program at a Brazilian school is helping students understand the English language.  The school has been able to pair students up with experts in the English language.

“Not all of our students have the chance to travel abroad and interact with native speakers of English” says Vanessa Valenca, Pedagogical Coordinator.

The students wanted to speak English more naturally, and the school found a unique way to make the long distance exchange “more human”.  Through the technology of a computer video chat program, students are able to both see and hear their senior citizen mentors.

While the students are getting an education in English, the seniors are being kept company and pass their knowledge to the younger generation.

Some seniors at the Chicago retirement community are already planning a trip to Brazil, inspired by their “new grandchildren”.

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