…and make you chuckle

By Jeff Hartman

This week, comedic actor Seth Rogen went to Washington DC to speak before a Senate Committee in an effort to motivate the US Government to assist with Alzheimer’s Awareness. A personal favorite of mine, I actually did not know that Seth Rogen’s wife’s family struggled with Alzheimer’s – with his mother-in-law exhibiting first signs of the disease at age 54. Rogen and his wife started the appropriately titled charity, Hilarity For Charity.

While not a professional speaker, Rogen comes across as intelligent, sincere…all while still providing some welcomed humor in reference to his comedy film “Knocked Up” and support of the legalization of marijuana.

Watch his full 6 minute speech to lawmakers below.

But Seth’s outspokenness didn’t stop in Washington DC. Later in the week he brought his message to Twitter and his nearly 2 Million followers to shout that his cause was STILL not heard. The video above doesn’t quite show the real issue with Government’s Alzheimer’s Awareness and the problem Rogen had with the Senate this week.

Shortly after Rogen tweeted, “Not sure why only two senators were at the hearing. Very symbolic of how the Government views Alzheimer’s. Seems to be a low priority.” Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) made the mistake of tweeting to the actor that he supported his cause to

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