happy-holidays-2015Here are a few quick tips to you keep safe, sane and in the holiday spirit in the weeks ahead.

Don’t shop ‘til you drop

If you haven’t found a gift for someone on your list, don’t wear yourself out running from store to store, particularly as shopping reaches its most frenetic level of the year. Simply grab a gift card for that special someone at the grocery store or give him or her a certificate for a home-cooked meal at your house or a dinner out after the holidays.

Bag it

If your fingers aren’t as nimble as they used to be, leave the gift wrap, tape, ribbon and bows packed away and head to a “dollar store” for gift bags in a variety of sizes and colorful tissue paper. Not only will your fingers thank you, but these convenient bags will also save you lots of time!

Don’t turn on the oven

If your kids offer to have the holiday meal at their house, let them! If you’re stuck hosting, limit your responsibilities to setting the table with your most festive holiday dinnerware and making a pitcher of iced tea, and ask your guests to bring everything else.

Get a chauffeur

Most holiday festivities happen after dark, which can be challenging if your night vision isn’t what it used to be. Ask a grandchild with a driver’s license or a friend who lives nearby to pick you up and bring you back home. That means you can also have that extra glass of wine or eggnog!

Take a break

You’re watching the grandkids open their Santa gifts in the morning, then headed to your son’s house for lunch and back to a neighbor’s for evening cocktails. In between all your scheduled activities, be sure to allow for some down time—a quick nap after lunch or relaxing in front of the TV before joining your friends—so you don’t end up paying for it later.


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