Elementary school kids aren’t the only ones who eagerly await the lazy days of summer for vacation. Even when your school days are long past, you often save your biggest exploits and experiences for when the weather is mildest and the daylight is longest. Find out what several intrepid adventurers, sportsmen and artisans did on their summer vacations this year.

Beverly, Asheville, NC
“In May, we bit the bullet and bought an RV and are enjoying it immensely. It has been a big boon in terms of traveling with pets! We traveled to Flat Rock State Park, Charleston, Edisto Beach State Park and Murrell’s Inlet, all in South Carolina, in July. The highlight of that trip was seeing The Angel Oak just below Charleston. The 1500-year-old oak is magnificent and has long been on my bucket list.”

Joyce, Lynchburg, VA
“Two weeks in Tuscany has become an annual affair. Andrea Bocelli’s outdoor theater, Teatro del Silenzio, is in his hometown of Lajatico.  It opens only once a year, usually the middle of July. Two concert nights under the Tuscan skies is heavenly. Add to that rest, relaxation and tons of great Italian food!”

Claire, Bloomsbury, NJ
“In June, I took a three-day class on mosaics at Snow Farm, in Williamsburg, Massachusetts. I made several small tabletops using broken pottery, glass, and small ceramic tiles. Attending classes at this facility is on my list at least once a year. I also attended the ASG convention in St. Louis, taking workshops and classes about techniques for sewing on a serger (a type of sewing machine), fabric dyeing on silk scarves, and sashiko (hand embroidery).”

Tom, Salisbury, MD
“My wife and I took an Alaskan cruise this July. The ship stopped in Ketchikan, where we took a charter boat out salmon fishing. What an appropriate name because “catch I can” (a whole lot of fish)! We just kept pulling them up. We’ve been enjoying our memories of Alaska for dinner ever since!”

Alice, Richmond, VA
“Three of my friends and I traveled to Europe this summer. Starting in Venice we took a motorboat to the front door of our hotel from the airport. After exploring Venice for a few days, we set sail on a Mediterranean cruise visiting six Greek Islands, Ephesus in Turkey (where we visited the home of Mary, Jesus’ mother; Naples, Italy and ending up for a few days in Rome.”



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