There’s an App for That!

Just as computers opened up a whole new world of information for you, apps for smartphones and tablets are making life much more convenient. You may already have apps that let you make mobile bank deposits or find your way around town, but we’ve found a few others you may want to give a whirl! (Some are designed for iOS, some for Android and some for both.)

Apps for Seniors:


Enjoy a variety of games designed by neuroscientists to enhance brain agility, while improving your memory, attention, flexibility and problem solving.



With this app, quickly gain access to information about medical conditions, plus participate in discussions with medical experts and other seniors.


A-Story-Before-BedA Story Before Bed 

When you can’t read stories to your grandkids in person, record the audio and video of their favorites and the kids can enjoy them over and over.


mzl.hcihqgov.320x480-75Over 40 Magnifier and Flashlight

Need help seeing that menu in a dark restaurant? This app is a magnifying glass and flashlight—even a mirror—all in one.


Drop digital pills similar in shape and size into a digital pillbox and Pillboxie reminds you to take your meds … and helps keep them straight.

mzl.erfhwrdp.175x175-75BP Monitor/Healthsome Glucose

These two apps help you stay on top of your daily blood pressure and glucose levels, including built-in reminders and an import/export feature to send information to doctors.


screenshot_325Park ‘N Find

Ever lost your car at the mall? Park ‘N Find uses your phone’s GPS to help you find your vehicle in large parking lots or unfamiliar places.

Tell us about your favorite apps!



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