gadgets for seniorsGadgets and Gizmos That Seniors Will Love

The young aren’t the only ones who like a cool gadget. Even those of us who are sometimes confounded by technology can appreciate a super whiz-bang gizmo that makes our life a little easier.  Take a look at these top gadgets for seniors…

Customize the TV volume. Do you need the TV up higher than your spouse? With these Hi-fi headphones, you can have your own volume wirelessly with quality stereo sound, while not disturbing others in the house. The adjustable tone control lets you enhance voice clarity and dual charging bays allow the addition of more headsets.

Retrace your steps. If you’ve ever lost your car in a crowded parking lot, you’ll find this handheld GPS invaluable. Just push a button when you leave your car, your hotel, your friend at a store and this ingenious device will lock in your location and help you find your way back again.

Keep track of those steps, too. Trying to walk 10,000 steps a day (the American Heart Association’s guideline for improving health and decreasing the risk of heart disease)? Fitbit products monitor your steps, calories burned and active minutes, among other things. Available with a variety of functions and in a variety of designs.

Print pictures from your camera. No more taking your memory card to a photo processor or being resigned to just looking at your favorite shots on your computer. The photographic convenience of the instant camera is making a comeback! Just point, shoot and print. And with this updated version, you don’t even have to shake the print!

Button with ease. This device isn’t electronic, but if you’ve ever fumbled with buttons, you’ll find it just as ingenious. With one hand, just slide this button-hook device through your buttonhole and around your button and then pull the button through. Now, you’re all buttoned up!

Have any good gadgets you’d like to share?  Let us know in the comments!


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