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So often we think our travel has to cost a lot of money, take us great distances away and require a bunch of planning to be fun. But sometimes the unelaborate, off-the-cuff trips are the best ones!

When their day-to-day lives got a little ho-hum, the seniors below dreamed up these travel experiences to shake things up a bit.

Tom & Linda 

Tom is an avid fisherman and lucky for him, he has a wife who doesn’t mind supporting his habit. Recently, they jumped in the car and traveled from their home in Maryland to a 250,000-square-foot Cabela’s in Hamburg, PA, to shop for the upcoming fishing season. “Tom was in heaven,” says his wife, Linda. Not only did he get to see and touch all the tackle, boots, etc. that he’s ogled in the catalog for years, but he also enjoyed seeing the stuffed wildlife—from deer and bear to elephants, zebras and alligators—in the store. Linda was also able to do a little shopping, taking home a new pair of earrings alongside Tom’s carload of fishing gear. They even made a weekend of it, spending the night at a local hotel to enjoy the scenery of the area.

travel evergladesBeverly & Joan

Even though Beverly grew up in Florida, she had never been to the Everglades, nor did she really want to. “I always thought it would be too hot and mosquito-ridden,” she explains. Earlier this month, her partner, Joan, who didn’t have those same biases about the area, convinced Bev that the Everglades would make a fun camping trip. Traveling to this exotic destination, only about three hours from their home, the couple canoed, learned the history of the Glades and dined in Everglades City. Says Bev, “We had a wonderful time and the mosquitos were not as bad as those in Alaska or Nova Scotia!”

Jan & Joe

Day trips can often be just as exciting as overnight travel. On a cool winter day, Joe and Jan, along with another couple, traveled from their Eastern Shore homes in Maryland to Onancock, VA, and enjoyed a lunch at the Blarney Stone restaurant and then toured the boutique Charlotte Hotel owned by a nationally renowned artist, who also owns the art gallery next door. “We want to go back and stay in the hotel,” admits Jan. Before heading home, they enjoyed an olive oil and flavored vinegar tasting, taking home some oregano-flavored vinegar for Caprese salads this summer!


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