iphone 6Sure, the iPhone 6 might look sleek, but did you know it’s also a handy home improvement tool? The iPhone 6 is a vast well of knowledge that you might need to get your home improvement project finished in a timely fashion. Here are some ways you can use your iPhone at home:


Have a unique home improvement problem you need help with? Take a picture of it, and then upload it to a forum or take it to a home improvement store for advice. Even if your faucet leaks only at certain times and it’s difficult to capture on camera, the iPhone 6 enters rapid photo shot mode when you hold down the shutter button when the camera is open. Use this feature for those difficult-to-time photographs, so you can get the advice you need from the experts.


Hang pictures or level a two-by-four while framing a new wall with the level on your iPhone 6. Open the compass on your iPhone and swipe left to get to the level tool. Then, lay it on whatever you want straightened. This way all the pictures in your living room will look perfect.

Loyalty Programs

Replace the plastic rewards cards in your wallet with the Apple Passbook. This tool stores all your rewards cards on your phone, so when you visit Home Depot or Lowe’s, you just need to remember your phone. Earn points and get free and discounted items for your new projects no matter what hardware store you shop at without cluttering your wallet.

Audio Messages

If you sent your spouse or friend to the store to pick up some items for your project and you forgot to tell them what you need, send him or her an audio message. It’s faster than texting and text-to-speech programs don’t auto correct unfamiliar words. Your iPhone can record your messages as long as as you hold the microphone icon. When you’re done, simply press the send button. Your friend or family member at the hardware store is sure to get your message ASAP.


There are a lot of apps available for the iPhone 6 that can help you on your home improvement projects. Consider the following:

  • WikiHow: This is a database of DIY projects and advice on how to complete them. Whether you need to re-shingle your roof or improve your yard’s drainage, wikiHow has advice and guides on just about everything.
  • Snapguide: This app is an image-based app of detailed guides. It provides helpful photographs and tips on subjects, such as on gardening, automotive and arts and crafts.
  • TapPainter: This is one of the more unique home improvement apps out there. Just snap a picture of your house or room, and then choose different paint colors to be applied in the app to see what they would look like on your walls. With this handy app you can eliminate the guess work of picking paint colors.
  • MagicPlan: This app takes TapPainter to a whole new level. With this app you can measure, map and generate whole floor plans for a massive remodel. Once you have created a floor plan you like, export it as a PDF, JPEG or interactive weblink. The only problem with this app is that it isn’t always intuitive and has a bit of a learning curve. There is a free version and a professional option for this app.

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