move to a retirement communityWhy Would You Want to Move to an Assisted Living or Independent Living Community?

It’s hard to think about leaving your home. But believe it or not, most people who make the decision to move to a retirement community end up being really glad they did!

Here are just a few of the reasons residents of independent living and assisted living communities love their new homes:

Less work and responsibility

At a retirement community, you won’t have to mow the lawn, vacuum or even change a light bulb. And if you are unable to drive—or simply don’t want to—most communities offer free transportation to doctors’ appointments and other places in the community. Added plus: you won’t have to keep up with car maintenance anymore.

More fun and friends

Assisted living and independent living communities offer a variety of onsite activities, including exercise and art classes, music programs and garden clubs, as well as outings to restaurants, museums and sporting events offsite. All of these activities and events also provide great opportunities to meet new friends and remain mentally and physically engaged.

Better nutrition

Not only will you be freed of the chore of grocery shopping and meal preparation at a senior living community, but you’ll probably also be eating better than you have for years. Meals are delicious and choices varied, not to mention, the continuity in nutrition could lead to a significant improvement in your health.

Peace of mind

If you live alone, you could become sick or fall, and you may not be found for hours or even days. You’re also vulnerable to break-ins or con artists trying to sell you things you don’t need or can’t afford. At assisted living and independent living communities, medical help is always as close as the emergency response button in your apartment. Plus, you’ll enjoy a level of security that will allow both you and your family to rest easy.


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