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Q: What exactly is Aging in Place and why should I consider it?

A: Aging in Place is exercising the choice to continue living in your home throughout the course of your life rather than choosing to move into a retirement community. Most studies show that around 90% of those surveyed would prefer to stay in their own home as they age. Some of the reasons people choose to stay put are that they are comfortable in their home, like the neighbors and the neighborhood, and have a lifetime of memories attached to the home they live in.


Q: What challenges does Aging in Place present?

A: When choosing to age in place, there are a number of areas that should be addressed. These include housing, healthcare, finances, and transportation. The local chapter of the National Aging in Place Council ( has resources to help you find solutions in all of these areas.


SolidRockBathroomATE_0115Q: How do I know if my present home is a good fit for Aging in Place?

A: Most of us live in homes that have been described as “Peter Pan Housing” (homes designed for people that never grow old) Our experts can assess your home and tell you what home modifications would be most cost-effective and provide the greatest benefit. Our focus is to create homes that are safe, accessible and beautiful for people of all ages and abilities.


Q: What are the most important home modifications to have done?

A: I break home modifications down into three categories, safety, usefulness, and convenience. While there is certainly some overlap and most projects will have elements of each, we need to consider the priority of projects in this order. Anything that presents a fall or other safety hazard should be taken care of immediately. Those modifications which make it easier to enter and use the various areas of your home should be done as soon as possible, and those which are primarily for convenience can be an extra treat.


Q: What products and services does your company provide?

A: Senior Remodeling Experts can assess your current home and remodel all or part of it to make it conducive to successful aging in place. We also offer many specialized products and services such as remote activity monitoring to help people live independently in their own homes. We are proud to provide home modification services to our brave veterans to help them live safely and comfortably in their own homes.


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aging-in-place-senior-home-remodelingChris Moore is an expert in helping people remain in their homes throughout their lifetime. He has over 28 years of experience in the residential construction industry. He is the founder and President of Senior Remodeling Experts. He serves on the panel of experts at, answering questions related to Aging in Place and Universal Design. Chris also speaks to groups throughout the Southwest Virginia area on Aging in Place, Universal Design, Home Modification, and home safety. He is a charter member and Director of Education for the Western and Central Virginia Aging in Place Council. Chris is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) and a Certified Environmental Access Consultant (CEAC). He holds an Executive Certificate in Home Modification from the Andrus Gerontology Center at the University of Southern California and a BBA from Averett College.

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